RecycleMania is back!

Simeon Ike

RecycleMania is a nationwide event that encourages colleges and universities to recycle the greatest weight of recyclables and make the least amount of waste through their recycling programs.

Georgia Southern has had the opportunity to participate in the event for the past three years. “This is our 3rd year in the competition division. Our first was in 2014. We entered in the benchmark division in 2012. My GA last year, Christina Beslin, actually served on the national board of directors for RecycleMania,” Lissa Leege, Director of the Center for Sustainability, said.

Whether you live on campus or off campus, getting involved is very simple:

  1. Gather all your recyclable items.
  2. Sort the items and place them into any of the designated blue recycle bins on campus.

The campus has over 600+ recycle bins, so there is no excuse to place recyclable items in trash cans

“Georgia Southern accepts #1 and #2 plastic, paper (office and mixed), corrugated cardboard (flattened boxes with no food stains) and aluminum cans, so start collecting today,” Lissa Leege, Director of the Center for Sustainability, said.

RecycleMania is currently in progress and runs until April 2, 2016. There are several events. The main event of the this competition is a student constructed sculpture made from recycled cardboard, during a period in late March. Another is “Get Caught Green Handed!,” get caught recycling, drinking from reusable tins and practicing sustainability; and you could win prizes.

Leege says that she enjoys this event because, “It surprises people and rewards their sustainable choices. Then we share their photos on social media for others to see and to follow their example.

Other competitions include recycling between residence halls, where the hall that recycles the most receives a pizza party.