The Search

The hunt for an apartment is not an easy one, especially when you’ve never went on such an escapade before. Everything from monthly rates and utilities to basic furniture that must be considered before thumbing up on any one place can be a stressful thing in and of itself.

Initially, I thought I’d simply choose on-­campus housing for the whole of my time as an undergraduate. However, as time went on and I consulted various friends, I saw the benefit (the reduction in cost) in living at an off-­campus residence. As I began to explore, I came across places such as 111 South, Aspen Heights, Cambridge and The Connection. I knew that I wanted something close to campus, visually appealing and cost­-friendly. The latter caused me to mark Aspen Heights off my list, seeing as it is and has a reputation for being among the more expensive places to live. The Connection, although nice and close to campus, also proved a little outside my budget, so it, too, was discarded. Cambridge was next on my list and I had a friend who lived there, but there was still 111 South (which I also had friends at) to look into. It eventually came down to the decision between the two, so I choose 111 South for its proximity to campus, fair rates and overall appeal. During this time, I managed to pull together 3 good friends who opted to be roommates with me in a 4 bedroom apartment.

There were of course many things to consider when it came to living in an off­-campus apartment. Renter’s insurance, possible pet fees, furniture and cost of utilities were just a few of these. Thankfully, 111 South offered both a furniture and utility package for a modest price and should a pet become a thing, any fees associated could be paid for later when it does. As for renter’s insurance, that is still a work in progress, but 111 South also offers that through an agency that sponsors them.

Altogether, getting things in order for off­-campus living is a task but well worth it. As any college student in the know will tell you, living off­-campus is much cheaper. Simply divvying up rates from an on­-campus housing complex, such as Freedom’s Landing, and comparing it to something like 111 South will quickly show you the potential living off­-campus has for saving you money.