Former NL MVP spoke to the baseball team

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Kevin Keneely

Every year the Georgia Southern baseball team brings in a former All-Star member of the Atlanta Braves to come down and speak to the team This year they brought in former third basemen and current first base coach Terry Pendleton, who spoke with the team last Thursday.

In the past, the program has been able to bring in former Braves like Dale Murphy, Chipper Jones, John Smoltz and Ned Yost. Head coach Rodney Hennon was really excited to have Mr. Pendleton speak with the team and he said the players gave him their utmost attention.

Terry’s message to the players was all about having a strong mindset and working hard.

“It’s about going out and playing hard, giving it all you got everyday, being able to face your teammates everyday, knowing that each one of you in the clubhouse battle with each other and for each other each other and that you gave it your all, you left everything out on the baseball field today or everyday,” Pendleton said.

Pendleton believes that experience is the best teacher and that he feels a connection with these players when he speaks because he has been where they are now.

“A lot of them are trying to get to the big leagues,” Pendleton said. “I know that they love the game and that’s the reason they play it and so I have been in their shoes before so it’s easier for me to speak on it because I’ve lived it.”

Pendleton played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for 15 seasons; he jumped around the league for a while, playing with the Cardinals, Braves, Marlins, Reds, and Royals.

He is a one time All-Star, one time NL MVP, three time Gold Glove winner and one time NL batting champion.

He was a part of the Braves during their rebuild from the 1990 season of pure misery, to making the World Series in 1991.

During his time as a Brave, he played in three World Series with them, 1991, 1992, and 1996. The Braves never won the World Series during Pendelton’s time with the team.

After his playing career ended, he became the hitting coach for the Atlanta Braves from late 2001-2010, and his since been with the team as the first base coach.

Pendleton has been an outstanding coach for the Atlanta Braves, but says that the transition from being a player to becoming a coach isn’t easy and that coaching is much more difficult.

“Believe me from a coaching standpoint, I’d go back and be the player any day,” Pendleton said.

Before Pendleton was a player or a coach, he was simply just a fan of the game. His favorite player growing up was Hank Aaron, saying back in his time Hank Aaron “was the man.”