Lindsay Truscott settles in to life at Georgia Southern

Derik Wuchte

Freshman Lindsay Truscott is from Centurion, South Africa. She arrived during spring this season with freshman Emilia Bujan from Argentina. Truscott has been playing in the number 3 spot for the team. She clinched her first career win against South Carolina State three weeks ago. She lost a close match to the Savannah College of Art and Design two weeks ago, but bounced back with a win last week to Presbyterian, moving her spring record to 2-1.

Eight players compose the roster for women’s tennis now. Of those eight, six are international players.

Truscott looked around at a few different colleges before deciding on Georgia Southern University. But once she knew this was the place, it was settled. She wanted to be an Eagle.

“I know I wanted to play college sports,” Truscott said. “I emailed a few coaches to see which coaches had scholarships available. When I got to speak to Coach Michelle, it was a sealed deal. I really like Coach Michelle. I also like this college town vibe that’s going on. It’s sort of what pulled me to Georgia Southern.”

Truscott’s first ever college matches took place three weeks ago. She played in one doubles match with senior Francisca Norregaard and one singles match. The doubles match resulted in a defeat, but Truscott was able to find success in singles. She defeated Andjela Vasic of South Carolina State by a score of 6-1, 6-2.

This being her first college victory, Truscott felt overwhelmed. The team would go on to win the meet 5-2, making Truscott’s day even better.

“I was ecstatic, to be very honest,” Truscott said. “It’s difficult to explain. It was very nerve-racking as you start. But after, it’s a sigh of relief. I think it’s something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. My first college win.”

There has only been one month since Truscott joined the team. She is on a team composed of four freshmen and the rest being juniors and seniors. They have been accompanying her through the transition of being in America, something she has been thankful for.

“They’re really nice girls,” Truscott said. “I like all of them a lot. They’ve been so welcoming and making me feel at home, especially the times I’ve been homesick. We train really hard. It’s nice because we push each other and make sure each one achieves what we want to achieve for the day.”

Women’s tennis last season was very goal-oriented. They had a lot of objectives in mind as the season went on. This year, the team is different, but still focused. They are still looking ahead, but they will be looking for the perfect mix before the Sun Belt Championship hits in April.

“I want to give my best for the team and do what’s best for the team. I’m going to play for Georgia Southern and hopefully it goes well,” Truscott said. “Every goal for my match is to play better than my match before and to just give my all. That’s hopefully what I can achieve.”

The team is 2-1 now. They will be taking on Alabama State this Friday, Feb. 12 in Montgomery, AL. That will be proceeded by Jacksonville State and Kennesaw State that following Saturday and Sunday. Their next home match will be on Feb. 19.