New Year, New Location for the Health Center

Ricky Veasley

Health Services is now located on 984 Plant Drive, directly across from the Performing Arts Center. Students can begin going to Health Services on Monday, Jan. 11.

The first floor houses the Pharmacy, Injection Clinic, Eagle Eye Care, General Medical Clinic and the Lab. The second floor houses Administration, Physical Therapy, Health Education and Women’s Health.

The new pharmacy will have over-the-counter medicine since it is 10 times bigger than the old pharmacy. Students and faculty will soon be able to get their prescription filled at the pharmacy without going to other places like CVS and Walmart.

In March, students will be able to use their insurance in the pharmacy.

Eagle Eye Care was previously located in Centennial Place, but many students were unaware of their location. Eagle Eye Care can fill most prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses, adjust and repair frames and conduct eye exams.

“I think the location is better for the students. We’ll have a lot more traffic coming through. Right now we don’t have a doctor, but we’re working on that. It’ll be a while before we are a full eye-care facility,” Candice Thompson, Licensed Dispensing Optician said.

General Medical clinic is where students come in for general problems like colds, high blood pressure and diabetes. “Everything is pretty much the same routine for students, but we’re trying to make sure we are consistent,” Stacy Lucas, Certified Medical Assistant said.

The injection clinic has two rooms where they issue injections. There is a large freezer that holds injection and immunization serums.

“We do immunization compliance, allergy shots, chickenpox and QuantiFERONs,” Deltrye Jackson, Certified Medical Assistant said.

The Radiology lab has a remote controlled x-ray machine that moves to accommodate the area which students are getting x-rayed.

“We cater to our students and take care of all their needs, that’s what we’re here for. We have a whole lot more services to offer now. We have physical therapy, optometry, offices, clinical staff, X-ray labs and everything else we need for our students,” Kristie Hendrix, Patient Assistant Nurse said.

The physical therapy room has two private and semi-private rooms. It has a treadmill, leg press, bike, rebounder, stepper and upper body ergometer. This equipment is used to test out the flexibility of the patients.

“Without students, there wouldn’t be a Health Services on this campus,” Kristie Hendrix, Patient Assistant Nurse said.

For further information, email Health Services at or call them at (912) 478-5641. Health Services is open Monday through Friday.