International Ambassadors Follow-Up

Chris Carter

International Ambassadors is an organization associated with the Office of Admissions. They are composed of students from around the world. They are 30 members strong and try to keep their numbers between 25 and 30.

International Ambassadors give tours of campus and participate in campus events. According to Jade Pinder, the president of International Ambassadors and senior Multimedia Journalism major from the Bahamas, the organization has three main functions.

  1. To represent International students on Georgia Southern’s campus. Should any International Student need support, help or guidance of any kind they can reach out to the International Ambassadors.
  2. To recruit more International Students to come to Georgia Southern. When they return to their home countries they will go to their old high schools and tell people about Georgia Southern.
  3. To participate in activities on campus and in the community.

Recently they participated in a project with Habitat for Humanity. The project had them them decorate a door which is then auctioned off. The money received from the auction will go to buying supplies for building houses. They decorated the door with the colors of al the different flags represented within International Ambassadors and the hand prints, names and countries of origin of the members.