TMT Farms is back for this year

Simeon Ike

TMT farms will be hosting its annual Christmas show December 4 at 6 p.m. on Old North Road.

The show started off as a simple family tradition but has now grown into a community tradition in Statesboro. It will be hard to miss the farm due to the glowing light as well as the illuminated farm and nativity scene.

With 14 weeks of preparation under their belts, hosts Deborah and Roy Thompson are expected to have an abundance of lights, sculptures, replicas, and even a moonshine still. The Old Western Town has been a main attraction for years. The new attraction this year will be a replica of Henry’s Lady Shop, an important building in Statesboro’s past.

According to the Statesboro Herald, the Thompsons ask that visitors bring non-perishable food items and children’s toys as donations towards local families in need. The Thompsons want the visitors to enjoy themselves but stress the importance of helping those in need this holiday season. The display will run every night until December 29.