Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is Closing

Simeon Ike

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, a popular spot among Georgia Southern students, is closing it’s doors. This comes as a shock to the Statesboro community, with some students expressing their disbelief on twitter. 

Statesboro is not the only city with Fuzzy’s, but instead the others are located in the Atlanta area. When asked why this restaurant was closing, manager Chris Kirk states, “this location is not as profitable as other locations.”

Kirk continues by saying, “[We had] huge sales when we first opened. It fattened out and never really went up. It’s been a flat sales base for the past two years.” 

Fuzzy’s has been open since April of 2013 and will shutting their doors December 13th, according to Kirk.

As for any closing activities, Kirk said, “We will have a closing celebration…we expect [the] week to be busy.”