Add up the cash and subtract the calories

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Tiffany Skinner

Georgia Southern University Health Education and Promotion will host its first annual Save Calories and Cash awareness event on Thursday, Nov. 5. The event will take place in the Russell Union ballroom from 11 am until 1 pm.

The purpose of the event is to show students how to maintain a healthy diet on a budget. Students will be able to learn about the various healthy food options offered on campus.

“We want to foster the student’s ability to monitor their spending habits while making wise food choices,’’ said health services graduate assistant Marcus Nesbitt.

Students will be able to engage in open discussion and games. The Spin Spot nutrition game will allow students to test their knowledge about vegetables and how many calories are in their favorite foods. They will also be able to play a game called Blubber Buster kit that shows you exactly how many calories and grams of fat ate in the food you eat.

“Students may think it’s hard to eat healthy but it’s really not,” said director of the university wellness program, Michelle Martin. “They should come to this event and let us help them explore all of the healthy food options right here on campus.”

The event will also also focus on physical activity. Students will be provided with resources such as a list of maps to help aid students with their daily physical activities. They will also be given a campus map to help track their walking distance on campus.  

“I would attend the event because It’s a win win situation,” said Egypt Parker, a junior english major. “You’re learning to save money and take care of your body at the same time.’’