The Queen of DIY

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  • Early childhood education major Kalie Evans has made all of our decorating dreams a reality by resourcefully incorporating various DIY techniques to turn her apartment into a Pinterest paradise.

Kat Shuman

“Do It Yourself” or “DIY” projects seem like a cheap way to decorate your apartment. Unfortunately, for most of us, they turn into “Buy It Yourself” projects. After several attempts at staining a coffee table or painting a dresser, you only end up dirty with a piece of furniture that needs to be thrown away. This is not the case for early childhood education major, Kalie Evans.

This sophomore from Perry, Ga. broke the “BIY” stereotype and decorated her entire apartment with “DIY” projects she found on Pinterest and YouTube.

“Decorating is expensive,” said Evans. “I do DIY stuff to save money.” Evans’ bed for example is resting on pallets that she got for free at local businesses. Most of the decorations in her apartment are “pallet art.” She said that many businesses throw away extra pallets, and will gladly let you take them.

“It may be near a dumpster, but it’s not always trash,” said Evans. Evans shared that materials such as nails, a hammer and pry bar were around $10. She added that the paint and stain were cheap also.

“I think I have a rustic, woodsy style. All of the things I’ve decorated are Christ-centered. He’s my inspiration.”

Evans’ advice for those wanting to start their own DIY projects is to dedicate a day or two to working on the project. Even if one is only able to dedicate an hour every day for a week, sticking with the project is imperative to getting it done. Evans said that, for her, these projects are therapeutic. She often works on projects when she breaks from studying.

“These projects are super easy. They are also a great for Christmas gifts.”

To see some of Evans’ ideas, follow her on Pinterest: @justpeachy426