Q&A with the George-Anne’s Sports Editor

Robert George

Q: GSU’s claim to fame in Athens is the option offense that comes the week before Paul Johnson’s similar offense at GA Tech. GSU is under new management since it last came to Athens, what’s different about the scheme?

A: Tech runs the traditional triple option, and does it pretty well. In reality, there are a lot of similarities in the two offenses. GSU’s option is a more shotgun, pistol-style option. Also, we employ more of a zone blocking scheme, which is different from the straight up man-to-man blocking other triple option teams run. 

Q: You asked first so I suppose I’ll reciprocate, what to GSU students think of Georgia football and where does this rivalry rank up?
A: Obviously you guys have a great program. You’re perennially ranked high in the preseason, and recruit very well. But we do love the fact that you guys pretty much choke at some point every year. As far as the rivalry is concerned, there are probably teams that we hate a little more (App State, Georgia State) but I’m not sure there is a team in the country that we would rather beat.
Q: Who are the offensive a defensive players to watch?
A: Matt Breida is the obvious choice on offense, but I’m going to go with freshman running back Wesley Fields. He’s extremely talented and capable of of doing damage on the ground or in the passing game. He has real big play ability. On defense, Ironhead Gallon has emerged as one of the top playmakers on the team. He’s second on the team in tackles and has been a force on special teams with a few blocked punts. 
Q: What would a win in Athens mean to this team and the students?
A: The win against Florida a few years ago gave us our our claim to fame, but it’s hard to overstate how big a win over the Bulldogs would be for the program. In addition to bragging rights, the win would give further credibility to the legitimacy of our program in the FBS. 
Q: Gimme that pick!
A: I feel an instant classic (for the Eagles) in Sanford Stadium Saturday night. Georgia Southern will win in a 28-27 thriller in Athens.