Campaign contributions do not reflect the reality of most people in Georgia

Chris Carter

It is now a year until the 2016 presidential election. In Georgia, political contributions do not seem to line up with political stances of most Georgians.

Jeb Bush is pulling in the most in financial contributions from Georgia but polls show Donald Trump in the lead.

These reports do not count money raised by political action committees, which raise money privately on the candidate’s behalf. The problem with looking at financial donation is that people might take political contributions to mean the state endorses a particular candidate for president.

The more populist grassroots conservatives in Georgia do not like Jeb Bush. According to the Tifton Gazette, Georgians do not feel that Bush is conservative enough. His support of Common Core does not align with Georgian opinions on limited government. Ben Carson seems to have more political support from those in the state, after Trump.

The Georgia state primary election will be held Tuesday March 1.

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