App Update: Youtube Music

DJ Fullmer

Youtube Music allows a user to watch both music videos and direct audio streams through this app, according to Trusted Reviews.

It also works hand in hand with Youtube Red, a new subscription service that costs 12.99 a month and removes ads plus offline playback. Exclusively to this app, Youtube Red allows subscribers to close the app and continue to stream the music, and it allows a seamless transition from music video to audio mode.

Trust Reviews continues their evaluation of the app by stating it works like any other music streaming app; you can listen through a complete album and up/down vote the song playing. Liking the song will automatically add it to a playlist of Liked songs, and disliking the song will help with recommendations later on.

The Offline mode allows you to create an, “Offline Mixtape,” which seemingly continues to add songs to the mixtape as you continue to listen to it. It can store up to 100 songs and is updated every 24 hours. Trust Reviews adds that, “…always evolving depending on what you’re feeling.”

The interface is the exact same on iOS and Android.