Pride has Benefits

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Ian Leonard

Pride is a tricky subject to to tackle. Most of us have been taught from a very young age that we shouldn’t be too prideful. Of course I must agree, too much of anything can kill you after all. However, I think pride, like most things, can be a powerful tool when used in moderation. In my family, we’re prideful almost to a fault. I’ve never know my family members to apologize for doing what they think is right, even if things didn’t turn out as they’d expected. I’m not saying we all need to run around being remorseless and unapologetic, just that a little pride can take you a long way.

Now here at Southern we’re no strangers to this pesky little emotion. If you need proof you can just check Yik-Yak or Twitter on any given game day, we can talk smack with the best of them, regardless of who our opponent is or how good they are. Of course this isn’t a phenomenon exclusive to us here in Statesboro, but seriously, we just take it to another level. Although it can be embarrassing at times, especially when we can’t back it up. Despite this however I actually love how prideful us Eagles can be. It’s what allows us to form such a strong community in times of both triumph and sorrow.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares my same sentiments. Some people can let their pride be a negative force in their life. When taken too far, pride can be something that will hurt not only you, but others around you as well. Plenty of relationships, and not just romantic ones, have ended because one or both parties had been too proud to admit they were wrong. Pride can stop someone for reaching out when they truly need help, and sometimes pride can cause people to say things that aren’t nice or even true. I can’t truly claim that I have mastered my pride, but I can at least say I do my best to allow my humility to keep it in check. There’s a fine line between being proud and being defensive. You see pride isn’t about thinking you do everything perfectly, after all that’s not possible. Personally, I’m more proud of the effort I put forth than the results. It’s my pride that won’t allow me to quit something once I’ve committed my time.

When all’s said and done, pride is something that I think plays a role in everybody’s day-to-day life. It’s something we can’t really escape, so why not at least try and use it for your own benefit? At the very least everyone should be proud of who they are and what they believe in.