Say so long to drunk dialing

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Kristyn Hughes

Waking up the next morning and seeing a list of people you drunkenly called the night before isn’t the best way to wake up from a fun night. Drunk Mode allows you to enjoy your night and not worry about who you’re calling or where you’ve been.

Drunk Mode is an app that allows you to create a list of numbers you don’t want to “accidentally” call while you’re out. It also allows you to share your location with friends who have the app so everyone is accounted for. The Huffington Post reported the app came after the creator received a drunk dial from a friend who didn’t mean to call him.

The app is also meant to be a safety precaution. After the remains of a University of Virginia female was found after a night out, the find-a-friend feature was added so that people could keep track of those they went out with. You can indicate how long you’re going to need the app to be turned on as well as figure out where you’ve been.

The app is available in it’s beta version while the creators try to raise funds for the app. According to the Huffington Post, the app currently has 91,000 users.