Hurricane Joaquin Possibly to Hit East Coast

Gabe Thomas

The Eastern United States coast could be the landing spot for a category 4 hurricane that could make landfall late this weekend or early next week.

According to, Hurricane Joaquin was upgraded to a category 4 hurricane after Air Force planes used to monitor hurricanes detected winds as strong as 130 mph in the storm. The Weather Channel says that the storm has grown from a tropical storm to a Category 4 in less than 36 hours.

Due to current atmospheric conditions in the area of the storm, it is not possible to predict exactly where the storm may land. The storm will travel through the Bahamas Thursday night through Friday morning before turning right and traveling north. Forecasters are not sure what exactly the storm will do after it turns right.

The storm is expected to have devastating effects on the Bahamas as it travels through over the next few days. It is expected the storm will cause severe damages to even well built homes. There is also concern that the storm could knock out the island’s electrical grid causing loss of power for weeks or maybe even months.

Regardless of where the storm hits in the U.S., it is expected to have major effects. People within the storm’s reach can expect flash flooding, river flooding, beach erosion, high surf, gusty winds, and coastal flooding at high tide. The Associated Press says that a rainstorm in the Carolinas is having an effect on Hurricane Joaquin but no one is certain how it will affect the hurricane’s path.