8 Movies to watch this Halloween

Ricky Veasley contributer

Some people look forward to Halloween for the opportunity to dress up, while some people look forward to trick or treating, but others enjoy Halloween for the movies. With this spooky holiday just around the crypt, the pressure is on for for deciding which movie to watch to get through the scariest night of the year.

Below are the top 8 Halloween movies us 90s babies have enjoyed watching during our childhood years, almost two decades ago. So pick a place, grab some snacks, get together with your friends and indulge in the nostalgia when you watch them.

“Casper” (1995): We all should remember this friendly ghost and his adventures with Kat, but if not, here’s what happened again. Casper and his uncles, known as the Ghostly Trio, live in Whipstaff Manor. This manor was given to Carrigan Crittenden by her father’s will. Of course she doesn’t want it, it’s haunted. Only until she realizes the mansion has treasure, does she want it. The treasure is a potion that brings ghosts back to life. Kat and James, her father, move into the mansion after the Ghostly Trio tries to scare them off. Since James has devoted his existence to finding his wife Amelia, Kat can’t make friends because she’s always moving. Now that’s she living in a haunted mansion, making friends at school will definitely be harder. But that’s okay because, as a result of her being ostracized, we get an epic Halloween party.

“Halloweentown” (1998): Do you believe in magic? Well, neither did the Cromwell children until they became face to face with it. Gwen, the children’s mother, wanted them to grow up “normal”. Aggie, the children’s grandmother, wanted them to be witches, especially Marnie. Marnie overhears this conversation between her mother and grandmother. Marnie decides to follow her grandmother back to Halloweentown. She brings Dylan, her brother, along, but her little sister, Sophie, is following them also. The children lose track of Aggie when Kalabar, the mayor of Halloweentown approaches them. They take a taxi cab with a skeleton driver to their grandmother’s house. Aggie is excited to starts Marnie’s witch training, but she has to solve the mystery of the disappearing people in Halloweentown. A hooded figure is behind everything, but you’ll have to watch to see who it is.

“Bride Of Chucky” (1998): Ade Due Damballa! Sounds familiar right? This is the chant that drives the premise of this whole movie. The movie starts off with Tiffany bribing and killing a police officer to get the remains of Chucky. She believes her ex-boyfriend, Charles Lee Ray, soul is in the doll. Tiffany performs the voodoo ritual to bring her lover back to life. Thinking that the ritual doesn’t work, she invites her friend Damien over. To her surprise, the ritual does work and Chucky kills Damien and later Tiffany. The two dolls convince a naive couple to take them on an adventure/ killing spree to become human again.

“Halloween” (1978): On Halloween, Michael Myers comes to town to torture Laurie, a high school student in Haddonfield, Illinois. Laurie tells her friends that someone is stalking her, but they don’t believe her. Later that night, Laurie and her friend Annie are babysitting. Annie decides to pick her boyfriend up, but Michael kills her in the process. Michael Myers goes on a murdering spree, killing Laurie’s friends. Laurie discovers them once she goes next door. Michael is waiting for her, but she escapes. As the night continues, Michael tries multiple times to kill but remains unsuccessful.

“A Nightmare On Elm Street” (1984): “One, Two, Freddy’s Coming For You.” Freddy Krueger stalks a group of high school student’s dream. Tina, Rod, Glen and Nancy, two couples spend the night together and things get interesting once they fall asleep. Rod witnesses Tina being murdered by an invisible force. When similar death experiences continue to happen in their sleep, the high school students realize that sleeping is a no no. When Nancy realizes that she can take things back from the dreams, she devises a plan to bring Freddy into the real world and kill him.

“Scream” (1996): “What’s your favorite scary movie?” A simple question turns into the death of a lot of people. A slasher wearing a mask is targeting a town. Sidney Prescott is mourning the anniversary of her mother’s death. After she receives a phone call, she is attacked by the slasher who she thinks is her boyfriend because he shows up moments later. Billy, her boyfriend, goes to jail that night, but is released the next day. With all of this happening, school is closed. A party is thrown because of school being closed. Lots of people attend the party which is the perfect place for the slasher to be. As the party progresses, multiple people die of course. We even get the famous garage scene. Once we realize who the killers are, plot twists happen sporadically.

“The Craft” (1996): Sarah Bailey moves to Los Angeles and becomes friends with three girls who everyone suspects to be witches. The girls suspect that Sarah can complete their coven. Each girl later casts a spell. Bailey casts a love spell on a guy who spreads a rumor about her. The other girls cast spells relating to revenge, power, and beauty. The spells work and the girls want to take it further. They complete a rite for more power. For every action, there is a negative reaction. The spells start to backfire. The girls turn on Sarah to make her seem delusional, but does it work?

“Beetlejuice” (1988): Adam and Barbara Maitland die on their way home by drowning in a river. Upon returning home, they notice that they don’t have reflections. The former house of Adam and Barbara Maitland is sold to the Deetz’s family, a husband who is a real-estate agent, a wife who is a sculptor, and a gothic daughter. The Maitland’s travel to a waiting room where other souls are. They learn that must stay in the house for 125 years, and if they want the Deetz’s to leave they have to scare them away. Adam and Barbara fail miserable trying to scare the Deetz’s away. They hire Beetlejuice to scare them away, but he has different plans.