12-year-old Girl Arrested for Bulloch County Bomb Threats

Gabe Thomas

According to the Statesboro Herald, a 12-year-old girl was arrested Tuesday evening charged with two counts of false public alarm, disrupting a public school, reckless conduct, and terroristic threats after calling in two bomb threats Tuesday morning.

Bomb threats were called into William James Middle and Langston Chapel Middle school late Tuesday morning. Both schools were evacuated along with Langston Chapel Elementary school, which is connected to Langston Chapel Middle. 

Mill Creek Elementary was also evacuated Tuesday after receiving a bomb threat. Statesboro Police have not been able to track this call to the juvenile being charged in connection with the other two bomb threats.

Bulloch County Sheriff Deputies and other officers swept the premises at the schools but did not recover any bombs. There were also officers sent to patrol around other schools to watch for any suspicious activities, according to the Statesboro Herald. Though there was nothing dangerous found, all four schools were dismissed for the day to ensure safety.