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Kurt Hanlon

Hundreds of Georgia Southern students will soon be able to meet face to face with dozens of potential employers. On Wednesday, September 30, students can attend the Eagle Expo career fair, where they can get the chance to be recruited by employers that represent a wide variety of industries. The event will take place in RAC from 12pm-4pm.

The Expo is attended by industries from all fields, and is held both in the fall and spring semester. Companies attending the Eagle Expo include automotive giant General Motors, jet aircraft developer Gulfstream Aerospace, snack developer Frito-Lay, insurance company GEICO, and international banking company Deutsche Bank.

Students looking to attend will need to dress in professional attire, and should bring several copies of their resume to hand to potential employers. The Office of Career Services recommends students looking to be hired by a specific employer should cater their resume by highlighting experience relevant to that employer. Students can set an appointment with Career Services to review their resume and ensure it is up to a professional standard.

Mary Lu Adams, Coordinator of Career Programs and Events, says this is prime opportunity for students seeking to be hired in their field of study. “It’s where students are going to get the most bang for their buck,” says Adams. “You’ll be able to talk to different types of companies, who are looking for different types of employees for all kinds of jobs.”

Adams went on to stress that hiring opportunities might not be apparent to students in some fields from a glance at the list of employers, which is all the more reason to attend the Expo. “Just because an employers in a certain industry, doesn’t mean that they’re only looking for people studying in that industry,” Adams explains. “Even if it’s not an industry you immediately think of in your field, doesn’t mean they won’t hire you. Just go and see what they have to offer, because you never know.”

Usually taking place at the end of October, Career Services moved the date up to the end of September in order to keep up with employer demand. According to Adams, employers are hiring more in September than in October, leading to an adjustment in the schedule.

Eagle Expo is the largest and oldest career fair offered by the university, attended by over 700 students each year. Over 20 years old, the fair was moved to the RAC in 2001 after it grew too large to be hosted in the Russell Union.