Low Cost Options for ‘Boro Pet Parents Will Have Tails Wagging

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Ashlee Gilley

More often than not, being a college student also means being on a budget, so caring for four-legged best friends can get expensive.

Programs such as the Spay Neuter Alliance and Clinic, the $20 Fix and monthly vaccine clinics held at Petco can help to combat some of those costs.

The Spay Neuter Alliance and Clinic, also known as SNAC, is a program based out of Ridgeland, S.C. that offers low prices on spaying, neutering and rabies vaccinations.

A yearly rabies vaccination is required by law, as stated on the www.agr.georgia.gov website, so finding a low cost option for your pet to receive it is beneficial.

After you call to set up an appointment a SNAC representative will pick up your pet on the appointed date at Anderson’s General Store in Statesboro and return them the next day. To set up an appointment call 843-645-2500.

On their website SNAC says that their mission is to “help reduce the euthanization and shelter intake rates”.

The $20 Fix is a program that is specific to residents of Bulloch County that works with SNAC. If you fit the criteria you will be given a voucher that will cover either spaying or neutering your pet as well as a rabies vaccination if your pet does not already have one.

To see if you are eligible for a $20 Fix voucher you can check the qualifications on their website at statesborohumane.org, email them at borohumane@gmail.com or call them at 912-681-9393.

According to the Statesboro Humane society website over 300,000 animals were euthanized in Georgia last year and over 1,300 were in Bulloch County alone.

Rebecca Franklin, a junior Pre Pharmacy major at Georgia Southern who has used the $20 Fix Program, said, “It gives people with lower incomes, such as college students, the ability to care for their pets without breaking the bank.”.

The Petco at 359 Henry Blvd. in Statesboro offers a low cost vaccine clinic on the first Saturday of every month. You have to be there between noon and 2 p.m. and have either cash or check to pay for the services.

They offer a variety of shots and they even offer a low cost microchip service. For a list of the vaccinations they offer you can call Petco at 912-764-1936.

Petco also has a poster behind their register that lists the times, types of vaccinations available and their cost.

“With something that affordable it encourages people to actually get it done,” said Franklin about the $20 Fix. If you are curious about the benefits of spaying and neutering you can find more information on statesborohumane.org under the ‘spay and neuter info’ tab.