Students Respond to Required Tests

Kat Shuman

“Dear Student,

As you may already know, The University System of Georgia and Georgia Southern University have partnered with EverFi, whose mission is to help students address critical life skills such as alcohol abuse prevention and sexual assault prevention in higher education institutions across the country. Each year over 700,000 students complete these courses.

As part of our comprehensive prevention program for students, Georgia Southern expects you to complete AlcoholEdu and Haven. This online education will empower you to make well-informed decisions about issues that affect your college years and beyond.”

All Georgia Southern students received this message from the Dean of Students regarding the mandatory online courses that students are now required to take. Below, Georgia Southern students gave their opinions on the impact these programs would have on the Georgia Southern student body.

1. Collin Cosby, freshman political science major

“I feel like these two issues go hand in hand on campus. I do think [the classes] will be effective. Awareness is the best way to prevent problems- particularly with sexual assault. I think the sexual assault course will be more effective; I don’t think students will take alcohol education as seriously. I mean, Georgia Southern is known for being a party school.”

2. Jacques Knolton, junior chemistry major

“As far as AlcoholEdu goes, I don’t think it will help at all. People that do drink will continue to drink, unless something happens to them that would make them want to quit, and an online class won’t change your lifestyle. I mean, we’ve all had alcohol and drug classes since we were in middle school, and it’s still a problem. I think the Haven class will help women become more aware, so they can keep themselves out of dangerous situations.”

3. Michael Moore, senior engineering major

“If there’s negative intent in your heart, a class won’t change that. [The classes] couldn’t hurt though. I don’t think students will take it seriously, but it should definitely be required. It’s a healthy reminder that these are real problems.”

4. Alexis Mathieu-Rowe, sophomore athletic training major

“I don’t think [the tests] will change anything. Students are in college, and they’re going to continue to drink. It is going to continue to be a problem, but maybe this class will help it be less of a problem. Haven might work. I feel like people would take [sexual assault] more seriously if they were educated about it. I haven’t heard that much about sexual assault on campus, but I hear a lot about drinking. Alcohol abuse is a more prevalent problem and will be harder to fix.”

5. Sydney Rushing, sophomore English major

“[Students] need to be responsible. No, these classes aren’t going to change anyone’s mind. You have to change your own mind. An alcoholic won’t change his or her habits because of a class. Alcohol is more tolerated at Georgia Southern. I think the Haven class will be more effective. Hopefully they will help students learn how to protect themselves.”