Game Day Experience

Christopher Carter

In the South, college football is religion. This past Saturday, Georgia Southern University football came home to Paulson Stadium and it was a night to remember. 

After being thoroughly stomped by West Virginia last week, our confidence in our season success was shaken. Although, that is how last season started when we were beaten by NC State. Both times our first game was away and we were beaten by bigger programs from more major conferences. 

We went on to dominate the Sun Belt Conference last season. If it had not been for regulations barring programs in the first season in a conference from doing so, we would have went on to a bowl game. It is very much still possible that we repeat our domination in the conference and this year be eligible to go to a bowl game.

More importantly, though, the win against Western Michigan gave us our mojo back. There is a renewed sense of confidence and school pride on campus this week. 

On Saturday, Georgia Southern beat Western Michigan 43 to 17. Being there was something special. There were multiple interceptions by Georgia Southern. Matt Brieda and L.A. Ramsby made electrifying break aways and runs.

Before kick off, there was tailgating, good food and good times all around. Then we packed into Paulson Stadium in anticipation of the deafening roar and of handing Western Michigan their comeuppance. Roar we did and comeuppance we did give. At some point the sun began to set and the sky turned magnificent shades of pink, blue and orange. It was as if we were all a part of a work of art.

Yards were given and yards were taken. Once it was all over, and we came out rightfully on top, there was a due amount of celebration that took place. We did it up big all night in a manner worthy of Georgia Southern. As the night went on the temperature began to cool off and it began to feel like fall on the day of our first home football game. It was perfect.