Georgia Southern Alum Makes Historic Discovery

Gabe Thomas

Scientists have announced the discovery of what is believed to be a new human ancestor outside Johannesburg, Africa. The operation to find the fossils was lead by Georgia Southern graduate and world-renowned paleontologist Lee Berger.

According to CBS News, Berger’s team worked for 21 days digging in tight spaces in dark caves and 99 percent humidity to excavate the fossils of what is being called the Homo naledi.

Berger believes the Homo naledi lived 2.5-2.8 million years ago and was able to walk upright. Berger believes the creatures deliberately buried their dead in the underground chamber of the area excavated.

While Berger is confident about his work, some remain skeptical. Paleontologist, Bernard Wood told CBS News he is skeptical of Berger’s findings because there is not concrete knowledge of how old the species is, which makes it hard to make conclusions about the species.

Berger admits that he only has a hypothesis and that he could be proven wrong, but until that happens he will stick to what he believes.