Statesboro Needs A _________!

Kat Shuman

What’s Statesboro Missing? Georgia Southern Students fill in the blank.

Statesboro is easily the New York City of the South- or at least in my opinion. I grew up in a small, agricultural town not far from Statesboro. As a matter of fact, my hometown is less than hour away from Statesboro. When I was in high school, my friends and I took trips to Statesboro because we thought there was so much to do here. I still think Statesboro offers a plethora of things to do; however I often hear students complaining about there being nothing to do. Below, students shared some things they would like to see come to Statesboro.

1. Michelle Dorbu, freshman early childhood education major

“I think it would be awesome to have karaoke bars that people could rent out in Statesboro. I’ve seen them in other countries; they look like such a good time. You can get snacks and stuff and sing with your friends.”

2. Mollie Johnson, freshman graphic design major

“We need a Cheddar’s here! It has the best food on Earth. Seriously, their spinach dip is to die for.”

3. Brooke Wyatt, sophomore nursing major

“I wish we had an American Eagle here. I love shopping there- well, I love shopping. I always buy my pants there because they’re the only place that makes pants that fit me right.”

4. Gage Nutgrass, sophomore mechanical engineering major

“A dog park would be nice. I feel like there’s not a big enough place to take your dog in Statesboro. If we had a dog park, dogs could play with other dogs, and dog owners could meet other dog owners.”

5. Lynleigh Kaye Hall, sophomore psychology major

“We need a Target in Statesboro, so I can shop somewhere besides WalMart. There are always too many people in WalMart. Plus, Target has cute, affordable clothes and class. They have concessions in the store; they have a Starbucks in their store!”

6. Kenley Dean, junior nutrition and food science major

“If I had to add one thing to it would be a Publix. I’m not a fan of WalMart or Bi-Lo. Publix has some class and great customer service. They have lots of variety, and they always have fresh produce.”