Police and Students Tackle Underage Drinking

Simeon Ike

The Statesboro Police Department is turning to local young people to help them stop underage drinking.

The department sent out a message on their Facebook page September 3 asking 18-20 year olds to participate in “operations that last for four to eight hours” for an $18/hour compensation. Participants are required to have valid ID and solid transportation. The post received so much traffic that the SPD updated the post to say that needs were filled.

According to the Statesboro Herald, this initiative has been going on since 2012, but the recent post sparked further interest in the matter. The basic idea is that citizens age 18-20 will walk into an establishment and see if the attendant will sell them alcohol with their ID.

Since the death of Michael Gatto, self-policing and server training has risen among local businesses. Statesboro police continue to conduct covert and overt alcohol compliance checks, as well as working with businesses to ensure that IDs are valid.

For more information regarding alcohol compliance checks and assisting police with these check, contact (912) 764-9911.