Dedicated to the Dead

Amanda Tolbert

If you’re bored or looking for a fun adventure this Thursday, Sept. 24, then consider traveling to the Tales from the Tomb event being held by the Statesboro Historical Society.

This will be the fourth year the popular event is held and every year tickets are sold out. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. and a new tour starts every 15 minutes until 7:15 p.m. and is being held at Eastside Cemetery.

However, you don’t need to worry about this is being a scary, haunting tour. This event is not a ghost tour but it is educational, Joe McGlamery, president of the Statesboro Historical Society, said.

Actors will portray spirits from the past that have impacted Statesboro in a positive manner. The stories change every year so it will be a unique experience even for those year for those who have been to the event before.

The tour is being held in Eastside Cemetery because many of the people being portrayed are buried there. Tickets are being sold at the Statesboro Herald office and cost $10 but some of the times for the tours are already sold out.

“We generally keep the tour groups to 25 [people] since we don’t use an artificial amplifier for the tours. We have sold out the past three years and only have about 200 tickets to sell,” McGlamery said.

This event is family friendly and open to all ages. There are even golf carts available for those who are disabled or incapable of standing or walking for an extended period of time.

This event became a part of the year after the members of the Historical Society had seen multiple events like it in other places around Georgia during the year.

“We had seen a number of other events like this in cemeteries, such as the famous Oakland cemetery in Atlanta. We were inspired by the way the actors portrayed people in the cemetery. We are excited to have Mical Whitaker, a Broadway trained star, members of Statesboro Stars and also some students from the drama program at GSU, helping us out this year,” McGlamery said.

All Georgia Southern students are welcome to come out and learn about the Statesboro area and hear the remarkable stories told by local “ghosts.”