Extra Security at “Straight Outta Compton” premiere causes controversy

Christopher Carter

This past weekend’s showing of “Straight Outta Compton” has caused controversy. Universal Pictures, which is the distributor, has partnered with theaters across the nation to provide extra security for the premier, even offering to reimburse the theaters for the cost of the extra security.

The premier of the movie comes at a pivotal moment in the national consciousness where there is a great amount of concern over the police’s treatment of black individuals. The extra security is precautionary because of worries that the movie’s content of police brutality and relations between police and the black community could spark more unrest.

The controversy revolves around the perceived double standard of taking precaution to protect movie theaters in case of the movie inciting violence in the black community when in the past 2 months two separate attacks on movie theaters have happened both perpetrated by white men without any precautions being taken after these attacks.

The movie chronicles the formation and rise of early hip-hop group, N***** Wit Attitudes (NWA). Trying to be completely true to their story topics like police brutality, gang activity and other problems associated with living in a poor black neighborhood are depicted.