Five Items Every Student Needs to Survive College in Statesboro

Kat Shuman

  1. Water Bottle

If you didn’t already know, August in Statesboro is HOT, and staying hydrated is crucial to beating the otherwise unbearable Statesboro heat. When choosing a water bottle, make sure that it has been designed to be durable. The sidewalks of Georgia Southern can be unforgiving on plastic tumblers and other cups that have been designed for looks alone. Purchase a water bottle that is reusable. Although buying bottled water can be convenient for a while, eventually your Dasani or Aquafina bill will leave you wishing you had taken my advice.

“I use a Nalgene water bottle. It has clips that let me hook it on my book bag and a wide mouth that makes it easy to refill.”

-Jonathon Hall, sophomore psychology major

  1. Rain Gear

“I thought you just said Statesboro was hot?” It is, but Statesboro weather would be amiss if it kept a steady pattern. In Statesboro it is not uncommon for rain to begin pouring unexpectedly on an otherwise beautiful day. Statesboro also has a mini-monsoon season around March where things like umbrellas, rain boots and rain jackets will be essential additions to your everyday attire.

“I have a Columbia Rain Coat from Belk. It folds up nicely and fits right in my book bag; I can carry it with me all the time.

-Jacqueline Craig, junior international studies major

  1. Smartphone

It seems pretentious to say that all college students must have a smartphone, but there is no denying their expedience. Smartphones provide you with many obvious benefits, but they can also benefit you in a class setting. For every professor that demands your phone be turned off during their class, there is another asking you to use yours. Whether it is checking Folio, Googling information, or taking a quick picture of your professors’ notes, having a smartphone can make your day much easier. It is also worth noting that investing in a second phone charger to keep in your backpack might come in handy one day.

“I recommend an Android because they are also a sturdier, cheaper and easier to use than other phones, such as the iPhone.”

-Andre Terrell, senior psychology major

  1. Planner

It is true that college comes with a lot more free time than there was in high school. Rather than being stuck in school from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, you can schedule your classes at times that are convenient for you. This gives you more time to get involved with student organizations, hang out with your friends and even get a job. Most college students can relate with staying busy and trying to manage a schedule full of events like this. The best way to do this is by keeping your obligations in a planner. Whether you use an agenda or an app, keeping your schedule organized is crucial in college.

“I love my Blue Sky Planner. It gives me a view of the week and the month, so I always know what my schedule looks like.”

-Brandi Smith, sophomore math major

  1. Good Shoes

If you didn’t already know, (let me restate that) August in Statesboro is HOT. You will also be doing lots of walking on campus. Investing in a good pair of walking shoes will definitely pay off later. Though there is nothing wrong with a good pair of tennis shoes, an open toed shoe is the way to go in Statesboro. Think “breezy” when picking footwear for your on campus treks.

“Chacos are a great shoe to use on campus because they are waterproof and have great support. They also give you unbeatable tan lines.”

-Hailey Laurie, sophomore public health major