The Balancing Act

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Simeon Ike

Welcome to Georgia Southern! This is not high school anyone. As a freshman student, there may be worries of how to balance your academics with events around campus.

With football around the corner, Paulson Stadium is ready to seat its fans. Before attending a game, it is wise to decide whether to do assignments before the game or wait until the next day. Going to a game is time consuming and the will to do work after the game will be nonexistent.

There are certain games which attract fans to Paulson and this year there are four major games at the stadium: military powerhouse The Citadel, Sunbelt opponent New Mexico State, Midwest visitors Western Michigan, and Georgia State. Attending these specific games and just keeping up with away game scores leaves more than enough time to stay on track with academics.

Aside from football, Georgia Southern has two big upcoming events. The first major event is Unity Fest. Happening on September 11th, this event embraces the diversity which is present on Georgia Southern’s campus. This event has free food and it’s always a good idea to grab the food and go, in order to leave time to study. September also has Family Weekend, which is at the end of the month. 

Plan time accordingly with family because early alert grades come out during October.