Georgia Southern kicker’s trick shot goes viral

Ethan Flynn and Robert George

Until this week, junior Younghoe Koo’s football reputation centered mostly around his SoCon All-Freshman Special Teams selection in 2013 and his skills as a kickoff specialist. All that changed, however, when a video of him executing an insane trick shot went viral. It was released by GATA Lifestyle, and has been promoted by many of Koo’s teammates, friends and fans. The video was featured on Sportscenter’s Top 10 Plays the day after it was released.

“We talked about it but I didn’t think it’d actually make it,” Koo said when asked about it making the Top 10. “I didn’t expect it. I was mind blown. It’s just crazy”

In the video, Koo manages to flick a ball forward and makes it land upright. He then knocks the ball through the goal posts while doing a backflip. Yeah, it was on the Top 10.

While it may seem like this trick took lots of planning and attempts, it turned out to be not that way at all.

“I tried it that day,” he said. “And it was the fifth time.”

This should end the notion that kickers are non-athletes. It takes skill and athleticism to pull that shot off, and kickers here at Georgia Southern have both.