Your View: Freshmen’s First Week

Christopher Carter

Last week was the first week of college for Georgia Southern University freshmen. Many of us may not remember how our first week of freshmen year went. This was their first moments of college. Going off to college is a huge transition so it is important to remember what the first week of college felt like.

“Pretty good I guess, it’s not too hard adjusting,” Casey Crellow, an undeclared freshman, said.

Brooke Barr, an undeclared freshman, said of her first week, “It was great. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be because I already have friends here and they helped me with everything so I didn’t get lost.”

James Ashley, a freshman political science major, said that professors are really nice, the campus is pretty, the food is good and that he has met a lot of new people. He also said the overall campus experience is great so far. 

Georgia Southern seems to be treating our new freshmen well.