Jared “the Subway Guy” Fogle to plead guilty

Christopher Carter

Jared Fogle, the famous Subway spokesman, will plead guilty to charges related to child pornography and sex with a minor.

According to CNN, Fogle will be sentenced up to 12 years and six months in prison and he will pay each victim who was photographed or paid for sex approximately $100,000 to pay for counseling and other help. 

While Bryanna Evans, a freshman public relations major, asked how one would feel if it was someone they knew who was being sexually abused saying, “That’s just wrong in general.”

Fogle became somewhat of a household name over the past decade for his claim that, due to his change of diet to Subway and adding more exercise, he had lost 245 pounds of weight.

Subway heard his claim and gave him an opportunity as a spokesman telling his story in commercials. Jared’s fall from grace surprised many who saw him as a wholesome advertising character.

Christian Vickson, a freshman Theater Major, said, “It was not okay. And I see why Subway dropped him because that is a horrible thing to do.” 

Cameron Mckimmey, an undeclared sophomore, said, “In the process of choosing an actor they should be more responsible about the kind of actors they choose to represent their company on commercials.”

CNN also said Subway tweeted last week that Fogle’s actions “are inexcusable and do not represent our brand’s values. We had already ended our relationship with Jared.”