Essentials for Life in the Residence Halls

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Kat Shuman

It’s the beginning of the school year and you may be unsure of everything you should have for your room. Listed below are the top choices from GSU students for the most important items to have this year:

1.Noise Machine

Hannah Pressey, a freshman Business Marketing major, suggests a noise machine or fan to drown out outside noises in the Residence Halls. “I live in Centennial Place, so I hear clamor from the street, the hallways, and my neighbors. You will definitely want something to drown out the racket that vies for their attention during an intense, dorm room, study session.

2.Water Filter

“I would be sure to invest in some type of water filter for your dorm. I use a Brita Water Filter,” said Jill Foster, a freshman accounting major.

3.Storage Containers

Valerie Simmons, sophomore Biology (Pre-medicine) major, emphatically expressed the need for more storage space in Residence Hall rooms. Simmons, a resident of Eagle Village says, “I cannot explain how helpful it is having storage containers in your room. Besides holding excess things you do not have room for in the provided furniture, extra storage containers help keep your room more organized and clean.