Student reactions to Migos concert

Joseph Papp

Jessica Finch, junior health education major

What did you think of the Migos concert?

“I really liked the DJ, but the Migos part, I didn’t really like.”

Can you explain what happened at the concert?

“I didn’t really see anything, they were just acting funny like. People kept coming up to them and telling them that something was about to happen.”

Joseph Meador, grad student

 Why didn’t you go to the concert?

“I didn’t go to the Migos concert because on the previous concert there were six stabbings and a robbery and I didn’t want to go to that environment.”

Toshi Underwood, junior english major

 What did you think about the Migos concert?

“I personally had fun, but I think the concert was short. The fact that they got there kind of late sucked. Then hearing about all the stuff that happened afterwards was kind of crazy. As far as my personal experience there, I had a good time because I was with friends.”

Can you describe what happened at the concert?

“They were signing and sang no more than ten songs. After the last song they sang they kind of said “okay, we out, bye” and just got off the stage and everybody just got up and started to leave.”