Looking for a job next year?

Tiffany Skinner

With the summer semester coming up and positions opening, it is important for students to know that Georgia Southern University has 2,600 student employees that hold various positions on campus and they are always searching for more. 

Students who demonstrate financial need based on their Free Application for Student Aid are eligible for Federal Work Study. Students must apply and wait to be awarded Federal Work Study. After being awarded work study students can apply to work study positions on campus. Students must bring their work study authorization form to the interview.

Work study students are allowed to work 20 hours per week and 144 hours over the course of the semester. Someone who holds a work study position currently earns $7.25 per hour. They can keep their positions during the fall and spring semesters. Students must be enrolled in at least one credit hour to receive work study during summer. All students must be in good academic standing to keep their positions. Not many students qualify for work study because there is an 18- 24 month waiting list.

Work study students can apply for a variety of job positions including tutor, data clerk and customer service representative.

“My work study position offers flexible hours that correlate with my class schedule,” Amanda Francis, junior health education and promotion major said.

Students who don’t qualify for work study positions can apply for institutional positions. These positions are not based on financial need.

Students must be enrolled in at least six credit hours and be in good academic standing. Those who work institutional positions are allowed to work 25 per week. They can also work two institutional positions or a work study and institutional position. They are not allowed to work more than 25 hours per week. Institutional student employee gets paid at least $7.25, but can be paid up $19 an hour in specialized positions.

Institutional Student employment positions include Electrical Engineering Research Assistant, Public Relations internship, Chemistry research assistant, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management Tutor. Students can apply for jobs online through the student employment website.

Campus Recreation & Intramurals has the most student employees. If a student applies and is selected for a position in the Health Services they must take a drug test before being hired. Others may be subject to drug testing if reasonable suspicion is documented by the hiring manager with the Department of Human Resources.

Students can hold an institutional position during the fall, spring and summer. University Housing employs the largest number of student employees during the summer. Some departments advertise for certain positions in advance for students looking to become Community Leaders during the fall. They must apply during the spring and vice versa.

The Student Employment Center encourages students seek on-campus employment while in college because it supports the experiential learning theory.