Eagles on the road: Day trip guide for Spring Break

Trying to get out of the house over Spring Break? We’ve got you covered!

Life in Statesboro can get pretty slow and lonely when classes are out, but if you know the right places to go, you never have to be bored. We’d like to tell you about a slew of destinations for you and a group of friends, either in town or within a few hours’ drive. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor expedition, tourist attractions, good food, or just fun or educational activities for an afternoon, we’ve got something for you!

Savannah, GA – The most popular choice for GSU students over Spring Break and summer is this neighboring coastal city, and it’s easy to see why. Only an hour’s drive from Statesboro, Savannah contains plenty of landmarks and gorgeous scenery, especially within Forsyth Park and the Historical District. Old Fort Jackson and St. John’s Cathedral are popular tourist attractions, and there are numerous museums to visit as well, including Pin Point Heritage Museum and Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum. As a coastal city, Savannah also features plenty of beaches, and Tybee Island, in particular, is a favorite for visitors from across the state. For lunches, dinners and nighttime entertainment, the city is overflowing with restaurants and bars, and of them, we recommend Sweet Melissa’s pizza, The Pirates’ House, Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos Saloon and any of the River Street shops and bars.

Asheville, NC-If you’re looking for an adventure outdoors, unleash your inner road hog, prepare for the four hour drive, and travel to Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville features a variety of fun activities, of which you’ll find at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Hiking, rafting, rock climbing and cave-diving are all available here, as well as at Chimney Rock Park, Linville Caverns, the Flat Rock Playhouse and River and Earth Adventures. The Downtown Market is also a great destination for any shoppers with some extra cash leftover for the week. Asheville also boasts plenty of well-reviewed bars and restaurants, such as The Bier Garden, Red Rocker Inn and The Lobster Trap.

Jacksonville, FL- An exciting mini-Miami destination, you and your friends can travel southward for roughly two hours and undergo a fun safari expedition at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. This zoo holds all the essential cute animals that will make your heart go “aww,” with holding pens for gorillas, elephants, penguins, otters and a feeding/petting station for giraffes. In the extremely unlikeness that you become disinterested in cute animal gawking, the Jacksonville Beach is the next best destination choice on deck, with plenty of restaurants and fun shops nearby.

Atlanta, GA-Spring Break and warm beaches go hand to hand, but for those who lean more towards city life and less on sand and saltwater, Atlanta is the hub people should go to. Atlanta is home to many attractions like The Georgia Aquarium, where one can get lost for hours observing whales, dolphins and other aquatic life forms. If water animals aren’t your thing, The World of Coca Cola has an exhibition with a tour showcasing the history of Cola attached with a fun tasting center at the end. In addition, Stone Mountain Park is just around the corner for those interested in getting in tune with Mother Nature and all that she offers, like hiking, picnic areas and walk ups. Six Flags is also just around the corner for groups of friends with an affinity for screams and thrills. The city also hosts an array of restaurants such as the Bones, Ecco, Antico Pizza and South City Kitchen Midtown.

Charleston, SC-Bringing its own charm, along with the other cities, Charleston is host to fun, low-key activities like walking through the city market, a center of historic and cultural value, which holds several hundred artists, craftspeople, and food vendors. Magnolia Plantation and Garden also provides a beautiful venue for visitors to walk at a leisurely pace through, providing a scenic route across a diverse assortment of flowers and trees. Restaurants nearby includes 39 Rue de Jean, Basil, Blossom, Fleet Landing and Hank’s Seafood.