Beginner’s Guide to SGA Elections: Part 2

Tiffany Skinner

Each member of the Student Government Association (SGA) Executive board has specific responsibilities in order to help the organization fulfill its mission of serving the student body.

Their Mission

“As the Student Government Association our mission is to serve as advocates to the student body and be liaisons between them, the administration, faculty, and staff. We are to empower students through education, work to recognize issues, and implement solutions to better current and future students as we adhere to the standards of the Student Government Association Constitution.“

President- currently Azell Francis

The President is responsible for being a formal representative of the student body. They are also required to supervise the Presidential Advisory Committee and work with other officers to fulfill their responsibilities for the programs. The president has the power to vote in case of a tie and veto a senate action. The president is also required to be a member of the University System Board of Regents Student Advisory Council and the Activity Budget Committee. He or she must also act as Parliamentarian in the absence of the Executive Vice President.

Executive Vice President- currently Ellen Hogan

The Executive Vice President is required to take the place of the President in case he or she resigns or is removed from their position. They must also stand in their place in case he or she is unable to make it to a meeting or event. They must attend all college and senate meetings. The Vice President must uphold Parliamentary procedures during Senate meetings. They are responsible for monitoring the work of all Faculty Senate Standing Committees and Student Government Association.

Vice President of Academic Affairs- currently Errol Spence

The person who holds the position as the Vice President of Academic Affairs is required to oversee the Academic Affairs Committee and be present at all Undergraduate Council and Calendar Committee meetings. This person must also be a member of both of these committees. They must also attend and vote at each faculty senate meeting. They must also be an active member of the Academic Advisory Council. They are in charge of the annual SGA scholarship selection process. Overall they supervise the total development of academic programs.

Vice President of Finance- currently Kaitlin Kidwell

The Vice President of Finance is responsible for all disbursements and financial operations. This person must be a member of both the Financial Advisory and Activity Budget committees. They are in charge of all of the money that the organization receives and spends. They must submit a budget report at the first senate meeting of the month.

Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs- currently Charles Glover

The Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs must start all programs and policies concerning the university Auxiliary Affairs. The must serve on the Auxiliary Affairs Advisory Committee. They are also being present at Appeals Committee meetings or appoint a designated representative. This person is in charge of making and handing out the SGA Student Directory.

Publicity Coordinator- currently Caleb Rogers

The Publicity Coordinator has to make all of the organization’s promotion, press and press release. They are in charge of all things involving the media. This person is in responsible for the United Way Student Fund Drive and they must also be on the Marketing Committee.

Executive Assistant-

The Executive Assistant is required to oversee all administrative duties. They take roll and keep record of the minutes at all SGA and senate meetings. They can be appointed as a non-voting member of a committee if the board feels it is necessary.