Things get sweet with The Pastry Project

Meg Elwoods

Georgia Southern has a new volunteer organization, and it is pretty sweet.

The Pastry Project, Southern’s latest non-profit organization that brings sweet treats to the rotunda weekly and many other great perks, especially for students.

The project began in October under current group president Bailey Webster, a senior engineering major. Every week she, or volunteer members of the group, will sell hand-made baked goods such as cookies, cake slices, etc.

“I just love doing it, it has nothing to do with my major, I just love baking.” Webster said. “We also don’t bake from the box, we’re not about that life!”

All of the baked goods are sold from two dollars to 50 cents. Perfect for those who are wandering about campus, stomach grumbling from lack of breakfast because of an 8 a.m., with spare change in their pockets. If you’re curious, they can be found today in the rotunda and next Wednesday, following an alternating weekly schedule.

Hold Up, this is “non profit” right?

Yes! These guys are a nonprofit group, and all donations are given to the Wounded Warrior Project.

“I chose the Wounded Warrior Project because they do so many great things for soliders that have been wounded in action defending our country. So, I mean, they fought and sacrificed for us, the least I could do is to raise some money for them.” Webster said.

And these student benefits? Is there anyway to tie this section in with your lead?

Yep! Becoming a member of the project can add many positive things to your life. Not only will you be using your time in a nice way, but you can take an opportunity to learn how to bake. If baking isn’t really your thing that’s no problem, they also have a marketing team that is looking for creative or interested members.

Whichever route you choose to take with the project, you will receive the benefit of experience along with volunteer hours on your transcript, which are an awesome thing to see. Having recorded hours shows during future job interviews that you have been active in involvement in your schools community and if you stick to your group, it will also show how dedicated you are with your time.


Search for The Pastry Project in MyInvolvement and request to be a part of the group.

Or, if your more of an “in-person” type of person, go to one of their meetings held every Monday at 5:30 p.m. in room 2054 of the Union.