Kiara Griffin, multimedia communications major

“My sense of style is based on Chicago fashion and the 1980’s. I love to experiment with fashion. I don’t like to wear trendy pieces, and I like to keep my fashion very minimalist.”

Kiara’s edgy outfit, like Hailey’s, also centers around a few select statement pieces while keeping the basics neutral. This edgy outfit proves that it is possible to experiment and be bold with fashion choices, while still being comfortable.

Sweater: H&M

This plain sweater makes the perfect “canvas” to build your outfit around.


Kiara’s jacket is a unique piece that serves as a great alternative to a sweatshirt or hoodie, and allows lots of room for more layers underneath if it is needed

Pants: TJ Maxx

These distinct pants are the most noteworthy piece in this ensemble and are a great alternative to jeans.

Boots: Target

These booties are not attached to the pants, as one might think. Instead, they are ankle length booties, that are tucked in underneath the bottom of the pants.

Hat: Forever 21