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Rashida Otunba

Stylish, unique and provocative are all words that can be used to describe Visage Fashion Company, the newest modeling organization on Georgia Southern University’s campus.

Created last April, Visage Fashion Company is an organization on campus that is not afraid to try something new by pushing boundaries and testing their limits.

“We try to pull people out of their comfort zone. A lot of these people have never modeled before. In most modeling organizations when you get in, the people who are the best get picked to do every show and people don’t try to work with you. We try to bring people out of their comfort zone, teach them how to interact and express themselves.” Titi Popoola, vice president of Visage Fashion Company and junior middle grades education major, said.

It’s not just a student club, members can also gain valuable modeling experience during their time in the organization.

“Professionalism is one of our biggest things. When models take pictures, we’re compiling a portfolio for them. If you join our organization, we want you to learn something from it. We want people to leave our organization saying that they gained something from it, not that you did one show and nothing happened,” Morgan Tatum, president of Visage Fashion Company and senior early childhood education major, said.

Tryouts are held twice a year and the organization is open to a diverse range of students and caters to people of all interest levels, including those who have never modeled before and who are not fashion majors.

“We teach models two of our easiest turns and we teach them model stance and then they work on walks. We make them loosen up and make them comfortable and then after that we teach them the rest,” Tatum said.

The new group held their first solo show last Friday called “Language of Lingerie,” which was a performance audience members will not soon forget.

“It’s where poetry and modeling meet,” Tatum said.

The event consisted of six scenes, five of which were set to spoken word poetry. The Valentine’s Day themed event centered around love, ranging from the innocent to the erotic and everything in between. The performance also included an intermission performance which featured lingerie-clad models dancing to a sensual synchronized routine.

If you would like to see more of Visage Fashion Company, they are hosting a fashion show March 27.