A Different kind of Date

Asya Fields

If you’re in a relationship, “talking”, or just trying to get someone to take home by the end of the night, Valentine’s Day can be a day of love and expression for you and your significant other. Here in Statesboro, things can get repetitive; going out to eat is an option, or going to the movies.

If you’re tired of this usual and vintage dating theme or you just want to get out of the walls of “The Boro,” taking a trip to Jesup, Ga. would be the perfect date.

Keep it classy with dinner and a movie, but with a twist. In Jesup, couples or anyone alike can enjoy the Drive-In movie theater.

That’s right folks, a classic Drive-In movie theater near Statesboro. Anyone can watch a movie from the privacy and comfort of their vehicle at the Jesup Drive-In. Many students are familiar with Atlanta’s Starlight Drive-In, but with Jesup’s 1950’s theme, it is sure to impress any audience.

“The Jesup Drive-In is a throwback to the original 1950’s drive in experience” Jennifer Sheperd, the maneger of the Drive-In, said. She also noted that they are a boutique drive in.

Jesup Drive-In was created in 1958 during a time where drive-in theaters were becoming extremely popular and patrons looked forward to watch the stars on the screen under the stars in the sky.

“The current owners, Ralph and James Hickox took over and opened the duel screen theatre in February of 2012,” Jennifer Sheperd, current manager, said. Keeping this 50’s theme the Jesup Drive-In was able to continue to give the feeling of familiarity to its audience.

Despite the old-timely feel, Jesup stays current and with the times. They are able to give the luxury of not only having waiters and waitresses there for customers to order food, but customers can also order food through text. This new technology allows for more efficient deliveries, so customers can have their popcorn and other items right as the movie begins.

The Drive-In plays all of the most recent movies, with a wide veriety of movies ranging from the new SpongeBob Movie, to dramas like American Sniper. For the sake of romance this Valentine’s Day weekend Sheperd says they will be presenting 50 Shades of Grey on one screen.

Jesup Drive-In is open Thursday through Sunday, with gates opening at 7 p.m. Patrons should get there early since there are only two screens and lot space is limited.