Men’s Edition


Bryan Brooker, sophomore logistics major

“Really, I just dress to impress most of the time. The current trends are cool and I follow a lot of them, but I like wearing stuff that people probably haven’t seen before. I mix and match urban and hipster, but at the same time I like giving new meaning to both styles. To me it’s all about being an individual.”

Less is always more in men’s fashion. A few simple pieces in the right color palette can make a simple outfit memorable.

Jacket: Walmart

This jacket is both stylish and comfortable, while not being too heavy, which is perfect for our oft-changing seasons.

Shirt:Model’s own

The button down is the perfect choice for any season, but this winter, a heavy plaid fabric is definitely the way to go.

Pants: Burlington Coat Factory

Khaki pants as opposed to jeans or sweatpants give this outfit the perfect polished finish.

Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory