Meet the Staff: New Years Resolutions

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  • Matt Sowell

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Perhaps one of the most loved (and hated) traditions of New Years are New Year Resolutions. We asked our features staff what their resolutions were.

Matt Sowell [@mattuhroo]

I can’t believe a year’s gone by so fast, it seems like yesterday I was freaking out because it was the first day of the spring semester. This year has already started off better than the rest, I love my job and actually kind of have my life together. I guess my resolution is to enjoy the little things more than I normally do. I want to spend more time outside and less time in front of a computer screen, maybe even study in Sweetheart Circle. Last year, I stressed about everything and it stopped me from doing things I should have. I also would like to do some more studying to avoid the night-before-a-test-freakout.

Kenneth Lee [Twitterless]

My New Year’s resolution is to watch all five Step Up movies and revel in watching the age old tale of a classically trained performer falling in love and learning unorthodox breakdancing moves from a troubled street dancer, while they both save the local inner city community center from being torn down.

Before actually watching one, I heavily dismissed the Step Up movies and compared it to watching two trains colliding into each other, while rooting for all the passengers to horrifically die. I was shown the light after watching the fourth installment, Step Up: All In, and now I want all the passengers to survive. I am enamored with the captivating phenomenon of dance movies and will chase that feeling for 2015.

Rashida Otunba [@RashidaNicole13]

This year my main New Year’s Resolution is to stop being such a hot mess, literally and figuratively, and actually get my life together. In order to achieve this goal I have purchased various planners and calendars to make a daily schedule so that I no longer have the urge to spend the entire day in a sleepy, Netflix-induced haze. In addition to the calendars, I also bought some decorative bins and folders in an attempt to stop myself from making my desk the dumping ground for all my old homework assignments.

Asya Fields [@_spillingink]

At year’s end people try to take who they are and change it to something better. The idea is great, but why choose January 1st? What’s wrong with becoming a better person before then? Let’s try December 1st, or all the other first of the months that there are in a year. You can become a better person whenever you choose! Isn’t that refreshing?! People make unattainable resolutions on January 1st at 12:00 am and break them at 1:00am. There is no fun in that! This year I want us to bring back the fun in New Year resolutions. That is why my resolution is to continually be as sarcastic as possible! Yes, for 365 days I will continue to grow in my sarcastic abilities. I am very hopeful that I can accomplish this paramount goal and make it a permanent part of my lifestyle. If I am successful, that’ll be great! If I am not, then oh well. Better luck next month!

Meg Elwood [@Megnjane95]

Life is short. College life? Even shorter. Sad but true, so make the best of it right? First, I want to eat, drink and be happy while staying in a good weight zone and on the Deans list. Every humans dream. Second, I want to become more of a bookworm with both books and textbooks, because apparently reading those $10,000 bricks actually does something! Third, I’m going to continue to hug and cry my little tears of joy in the arms of my best dude-friends because they both hate it, but deep down they love it. They do. After all, who needs boyfriends when you’ve got boy friends?

Michelle Norsworthy [@_michellenator]

I’ve got it. I’m going to be the Queen of DIY this year. Every ounce of faux flowery prettiness, oozing craft glue and pastel acrylic paint shall be mine. I will tackle every pin on my “Things to Do Eventually Sometime” board and sell it all at outrageous prices to thrift shop hoppers the world over. Hobby Lobby will be renamed…Michelle Lobby…or something not lame, and everything changed with the fire nation attacked. Except it didn’t and I probably won’t be the Queen of DIY because that requires money, time and a place to put all that crap. But it’s a really nice idea.