10 Reasons Why the Planetarium is the Best Thing in the World

Michelle Norsworthy

Nestled smack dab in the middle of the maze that is the Math and Physics Building, the planetarium is home to the most immersive, mind-blowingly spectacular shows of cosmic goodness that ever existed.

At least, that’s what it feels like when you’re leaning back in a comfy theater-style seat staring up at the night sky, with instrumentals that would make Yanni cry (in a totally good way).

If you’ve never ventured into this domed sanctuary, here’s 10 good reasons why now is as good a time as any.

1. Outerspace Isn’t An Option.

Unless you’ve got some astronaut gear and a rocket ship tucked away somewhere, chances are taking a trip to outerspace isn’t in the cards. You know, no air and all.

2. Not Getting Lost in the Labyrinth

You’ve heard the horror stories of students getting lost in the Math and Physics building – some never to be heard from again. As soon as you walk into the building, whoop, there it is. The planetarium, that is. It’s hard to miss the giant blue cylinder in the middle of the hall.

3. Digistar 5.

According to Mrs. Rebecca Lowder, astronomy lab coordinator, there used to be a giant sun with holes in it that rose from the floor. “When we’d turn on the lamp, the light would shine through the holes – creating the stars in the sky.” Lowder said, “We couldn’t go flying out into the solar system, the milky way, or to the edge of the known universe.”

With Digistar 5, viewers can witness a completely digital star show that goes far beyond its 1970’s predecessor. The technology is so advanced, Lowder admits that they have yet to reach its limits. Which brings me to reason number four.

4. No Limits.

Because the shows are created using codes, there’s an endless array of possibilities – and not all of them are celestial. From the inner most workings of a plants nuclei, to the changes going on at Earth’s poles, the most minute pieces of the universe can be explored.

And even some not of this universe.

5. Lichtmond: Universe of Light

Meaning “light of the Moon,” Lichtmond is a poetic, musical audiovisual show exploring an alternate universe. “There’s nothing educational about it.” Lowder said, “It’s music and art…and there’s such beautiful poetry that goes along with the music.”

6. Date Night With Bae.

Music, art and poetry? Let’s see, throw some stargazing in there and that sounds like a date! If you’re low on funds – or just looking for something to do around campus – the planetarium could be the place. 

If your heart is set on Lichtmond, you’ll have to wait until March, but there are a couple of opportunities right around the corner – all equally as immersive and impressive as that.

7. Total Immersion.

Okay, maybe not completely. While you won’t be floating by Mars any time soon, the planetarium is equipped with surround sound and a 360 degree dome. As soon as the lights go out, stars surround you by the thousands. You can even hear the whoosh as you leave Earth’s atmosphere! Tell me where else you’re gonna get that at? Oh, that’s right, nowhere.

8. Helping People Who Need It.

In case you’re still on the fence (seriously?), there’s one key component to each public event the planetarium hosts: good will. The planetarium takes non-perishable food donations at each and every public event, all of which is donated to the Statesboro Food Bank.

So, on your way to the planetarium, don’t forget to grab those canned goods! There’s a family right here in Statesboro who needs them.

9. Knowledge

Because for some, looking up and seeing tiny pinpricks of light isn’t enough. The planetarium hosts educational star shows, complete with constellations, galaxies, planets and a whole host of cosmic wonders.

And nearly every constellations got a scandalous story behind it – there’s romance! There’s intrigue! There’s…Hera getting revenge on Zeus and his side chicks.

10. And If Nothing Else Convinced You

It’s free. Yes, the 360 degree visual and auditory experience, the comfy seats, the intergalactic (inter-universal) travel, being a good person, spending time with loved ones, high-tech shows and oxygen are all yours for the low, low price of absolutely nothing.

So take with you the wisdom I have imparted, young grasshoppers, and explore the universe!