Piggy Bank Graduation: a look at tuition

Asya Fields

The recent documentary Ivory Town not only brought about lots of controversy, but even more conversation about the cost of tuition nationwide and the quality of education.

This has also been true on Georgia Southern University’s campus. Many students, ones like junior general studies major DiArron Morrison, want to know where the money is going and how had it directly effected my education.”

With the recent subject being so prominent, future college students and parents are paying more attention to the rankings of colleges and universities to ensure that they are receiving the biggest bang for the huge buck that is a college education.

Students have expressed concerned about the recent 2% increase in tuition, but these financial increases are only to ensure students get the best quality of education.According to a Kiplinger, a finance website, Georgia Southern was ranked as one of the “Top 100 Best Values for Public Colleges and Universities.”

“The increase in tuition has allowed us to continue to provide our students with the education you want at the end of your four years at Georgia Southern,” Robert Whitaker, Vice President of Finance, said.

The main focus of the institution is to allow students to be able to have the experience necessary for life after college. With continued focus on student involvement, higher tuition is necessary for the opportunities that are available.

With Kiplinger’s rankings of Georgia colleges and universities placing GSU just behind schools like the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, some may wonder what we are doing differently than universities that have tuition rates similar to ours.

“We encourage a safe learning environment, with new technologies to enhance learning outcomes of students,” Whitaker said. This is how the quality of the GSU education is able to compare to UGA and GA Tech.

With the cost of tuition being such an important and relevant topic in today’s world, many students may wonder how attainable this information is to the general public.

People no longer have to talk to an employee of the university in order to figure out what their institution’s tuition has been in previous years, and what it is now. It is readily available to every one on the University System of Georgia’s website.

Now everyone can know how their school ranks financially compared to other schools in Georgia.

Student Activity Fee- $101, Athletic Facility Fee- $40, Athletic Fee- $139, FBS Fee- $75, Environmental Sus. FEE- $10, Health Fee- $94, Institutional Fee- $290, Racing Fee- $142, Technology Fee- $55