Way T00 Funny: From the Laundry Room to YouTube

Michelle Norsworthy

It’s raunchy, it’s ridiculous and it’s completely Georgia Southern University.

It’s Way t00 Funny, the YouTube comedy channel founded by seniors Dwight Bonner and Brian Hogan. The duo found their start three years ago when they met as freshmen, both living in Kennedy.

According to Bonner, the idea hatched in a laundry room.

“We were sitting in the laundry room, just coming up with dumb acronyms [for a name],” Bonner said.

Hogan proposed “The Guys Who Make Those Videos” as a potential name.

“On campus, [people] could be like ‘Hey, aren’t you the guys who make those videos?’” Hogan said.

Unfortunately for him, the name elicited a response that would stick with them for years. “When he said that I was like what the fuck?” Bonner said, “W.T.F. Way too funny, and that was it!”

The two began with a low quality camera and a stream of self-described “poor” videos. As the two grew as comedians, so did the channel. Adding in guest comedians and sketches, Way t00 Funny found itself with over a thousand followers and gaining more and more recognition with each video.

In addition to its sketches, Way t00 Funny offers parodies, music videos and a special segment they call “Questions” where Bonner and Hogan take to GSU’s campus, asking unsuspecting students and faculty their takes on the some pretty particular issues: how to know if she wants the D, and what it means to be a Ho.

The duo keeps comedy in each new project they tackle, and music is no exception. Recently, Way t00 Funny and Georgia Southern’s Comedy Club released a mix-tape entitled “A Trip to the Clinic” by their hip-hop and R&B group STD. The mix-tape is available through AudioMack.

According to both Bonner and Hogan, one word describes their brand of humor best: inappropriate.

But, despite the raunchiness of their comedy, Hogan describes himself as “lovably awkward.” As far as life after graduation goes, Hogan still plans to continue with YouTube videos, but the computer science major says he does have other plans.

“I’m going into animation and video game programming, so I plan on doing that,” Hogan said, “but I plan on making and uploading that once I figure out how to do it.”

Bonner, who writes the scripts for Way t00 Funny, is optimistic about the future of the YouTube channel – and also sees a future in screenwriting.

“We would love if this thing blew up,” Bonner said, “so I think I’ll stick with that until some other stuff comes up.”

In the meantime, Bonner and Hogan are working on a new project.

“There’s a reality show in the works for campus,” Bonner said, “and we’re going to incorporate people from the Comedy Club – it’s a scripted show. I talked to Chris [Pugh] about it…that’s coming. That’s a fact.”

Bonner and Hogan hope filming will start this semester, and interested parties can e-mail in submissions.