Club Profile: Film Club

Justin Doil

A film degree may not be the first thing someone would think with Georgia Southern in mind, but film students, as well as anyone who is interested in the film industry, will begin to make a name for themselves with the works of film they plan to accomplish in the newest club on campus, the Film Club.

Behind all the flash and glamor that stereotype film production, and at the heart of this new club, is a dedicated group of students and faculty who want to create productions that they will be proud of.

Film Club’s faculty advisor is Dr. Jason Knowles who teaches in the Department of Communication Arts and has a background and degrees in film-making.

“The idea for Film Club came from several of my students who were passionate about creating movies and wanted to start a club,” Knowles said.

In fact, even though Film Club has only just begun they already have successfully created a short film titled Verisimilitude, a film noir which was submitted to be judged in the Four Point Film Project. Even after the success of their first production, members of the Film Club are not stopping to rest on their laurels.

“We have several more small projects that we are working on,” Knowles said. “We recently divided the club members up into seven small groups and have them create and pitch a story idea and the best one was chosen to be our next project and, without giving away too many spoilers, the genre is a mixture of drama, comedy and thriller.”

Being an interdisciplinary club, and as the club continues to grow, the doors to becoming a member of Film Club are open to anyone who is interested.

Quick Info:

Club President: Darrel Fullmer

Dues: Will soon be implemented at $50

Contact: Film Club GSU on Facebook, MyInvolvement

Upcoming Meetings: Meetings will be held every Monday at 6:00 p.m. in Sanford 1002 and will resume after semester break.