The Double Standard of Violence

Ciera Williams

Personally, I believe that everyone with a gun should get rid of it as soon as possible. Guns can harm people and that should never be the goal. If someone is trying to hurt your family, simply reach into your pocket and pull out the only weapon you need: your hand. Extend your arm and approach the attacker with a handshake. I am sure the assailant will be more than willing to compromise. After all, criminals are known to be great arbitrators.

After reading that, some people will assume I’m out of my mind. They will disagree because they believe that it is sometimes necessary to rely on firearms. They believe that in order to protect yourselves and others, it is best to invest in one, maybe two guns. They believe fully in the second amendment. These people are often seen or heard saying “Support our troops.” While they may not agree with the current war we are in, they are certainly not advocating for non-violence. These people are also most likely Darren Wilson supporters. They believe he had every right to shoot Michael Brown. These people are totally for gun rights and violence unless those things are being used by black people.

After the Ferguson decision, a small portion of protestors across the country resorted to looting, burning and other violent acts. The same person I described before is likely to say things like, “What does this solve?” or “This is not the way to go.” in response to the rioters. Although I may not agree with the way some people responded, I can indeed point out the inconsistent nature of this hypothetical person. This person can agree that we need guns to maintain order but they also feel the need to say that violence never solved anything. That is flawed thinking. We as Americans would not have the land we have now if it were not for violence. We would not be a country if it were not for a little disruption. So to the guy I described earlier, you can’t have it both ways. Violence may not solve anything, but it sure feels a lot better than laying down to accept your defeat.