French talent show in Russell Union

Kenneth Lee

The GSU French Club is out to prove that French entertainment involves more than just fancy wine, creepy mimes and Pepé Le Pew by organizing a French talent show for students.

The show will take place on Thursday, at 7:15 p.m. in the Russell Union Theater, and admission is free.

“Live shows have been prevailing in my European culture, and I am very happy to play a role in bringing this live talent show to Georgia Southern University, even as a small event,” Dr. Olga Amarie, French professor and creator of the event, said. “This is a dynamic way to get to know your classmates and many other students in French while appreciating their language and performance skills. There is no jury, we do not determine a winner. It is a fun way to express your artistic skills.”

The performances will be conducted in French and will involve a variety of acts from all corners of the arts, including several musical performances, a fashion show, a cooking lesson and even dogs responding to orders in French and English.

Lamont Faulk, a sophomore French major, will be performing an acoustic version of a popular French song with Giselle Devot.

“In my experience, I’ve learned that simple performances can be very profound and expressive. Hopefully through watching our performance, they’ll realize that American and French popular culture are very similar and often influence one another, especially when it comes to music,” Faulk said.

Dr. Amarie plans on keeping this event alive every semester or at least once a year for the students in her French classes, along with any other student with an interest in French language and culture.