Be More!! Do More!!

Dylan John

I have had many of my fraternity brothers and friends ask me as to how I manage to do so many things at Georgia Southern University and still have time on my hands.

With nearly 14 different involvements on campus outside of my regular class schedule, it seems like I wouldn’t have a life outside of campus activities. When people tell me that I am busy, I usually smile it off. But, now it’s time to share with you all the “Big Secret”.

The secret is composed of three very simple elements which I am able to apply in multiple activities, even leadership positions, and still accomplish all that is needed.

First, and most importantly – understanding collective leadership and how it is best to operate in teams by empowering each other. When we work as teams, the flow of ideas is so much better and there is greater refinement to these ideas. Additionally, the concept of synergies 1+1=3 becomes a reality as there may be skills that we have on the surface that are sharpened and put to the test when we work with larger groups of people and have an expectation of collectively contributing our best.

Second – You must prioritize and have a good understanding of what your personal objectives are and how your involvements relate to your life and goals on the broader spectrum. I have narrowed my professional and collegiate focus on 6 different areas that I want to grow in – construction, business, mediation, training, international relations and diplomacy. This “focus 6” has been the greatest of tools in helping me prioritize my involvements and activities.

Lastly – Keep tracking what and what you must do. I know that many of us use calendars and planners and I am a great promoter of these tools. But, I also additionally put together a task list when I feel like I might get overwhelmed and focus myself towards knocking out everything on my task list.

These are just my secrets/ways that I manage my time and enable myself to do more and enjoy more. You may have your own style of being effective and efficient. But if not, I encourage you to use the 3 steps I shared with you above and if you want to talk about how you could do this, I am more than willing to help people out too. Enjoy life. Be more! Do More!